(17 December 1807 – 7 September 1892 / Haverhill, Massachusetts)

Love To Hate To Love You


Walking down the path of this love journey
withtears dripping down my face
Longing for a hug that used to give me comfort
Knowing to love you is the same as hating to heart you
I wish to love to hate to love you..

My tomorrow is so dim
My heart is covered in gloom.
All that I yearn for is the lips that used to brighten my days
A hand that used to lift me up
A heart that used to love me
And now that you are no more
I endlessly weeptears of loneliness and that of fear...

The storm of our love faded in the midst of a fragile trust
You left me
My amour you broke into pieces
You left me shattered with no direction of life
Ambushed the beast in me...

You awakened the dark side of love in me
Confused my heart to be so desperate to be loved
And wickedness consumed inside
You chose to darken our path of love
Now I pray to love not to hate to love you
but I hate to love to hate you

In the dark - You left me
Away you took the light of my heart
Now I'm left In the wilderness thoughts of my tomorrow
Knowing to love you is the same as walking on a broken glasses barefooted
I now love to hate to love you...

Today I live to dream
I sleep to drown
I cry to wish to be close to you
For my relish I betrothed to give to you
To love you feels like walking near the grave I plotted for myself...
I love to hate to love you...

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(Godspeed - Poem by John Greenleaf Whittier.) In all sincerity, it’s wonderful to truly wish others well. No formality, but heartfelt ‘good wishes.’