Goes Around, Comes Around

What goes around, comes around
As I always have been told,
So what you have done unto others,
Unto you, someday the same will unfold.
The evils that you have held
And the lies that you have spoke,
Someday you will be visited by them all
And by those deeds alone, you will choke.
Karma will come and get you
From it you cannot run and or hide
She will follow till your end on Earth
And she’ll mock you the day that you die.

What goes around comes around
Truer words have never been said
Your life will be full of sadness and pain
From the life that you once had led.
To the pain and suffering that you caused
From the evils and lies that you dealt
Believing lies that you told and hold
For you there will be a special place in Hell.
And you might not die alone
You might have your family and or friends
But when your passing has came and gone
No one will think good of you, ever again.

What comes around, goes around
I think deeply on that thought,
Because nothing truly can you hide from man
And from GOD, your always caught.
You might lie only to lie to yourself
But then soon, it comes back to you
And then you see the pain that you caused
Then they’ll will be nothing that you can do.
Suffering will be yours alone forever
Your moaning in pain will be your only sound
And I myself will mock and ignore you
For as they say, what comes around, goes around.

Randy L. McClave

by Randy McClave

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