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Goes Mellow With That Little Dances

Don’t bleed your life with slow death...........
Engraved with beauty
Your puzzle is riddles
Your burning desires to live are above all...
Your drawing is not a drawing.....
But a masterpiece
Your magic has touched my soul...
The soils where we were born are our flesh and blood...
Broken promises are hard to swallow
Regretful ness is better than ever
Before you're gone too far and deep
Bears in mind
Family ties are like water....
You can't cut it off.....
With a knife.
One of the holiest things in life is to forgive
And be forgiven
It’s like a solitary confinement….
Eyes wide opened...
To view the horizon of doubtfulness.....
Bad memories are always haunting and terrorizing
Be brave and ride the storms
Satan will befriend
Worshippers of evil and men of God alike

Keep hold of your anger
You’d need it in later life
A true heart will last the longest friendship
Nothing is enough when greed overcomes
Sometimes our lives is like a cheese
We enveloped the breads vividly
We will face the music of life everyday
A brilliant that could open up the hanging mystery of times…….
Hope for the future
Hope nothing would interfere
Hope for the best….
Everyday and any other day
The last words are always as good as the first
Death is a pleasant thing awaiting all mankind.
And the heartbeat………..
Goes mellow with that little dances

by Sulaiman Mohd Yusof

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