TS (7/28/87 / California)

Going Back

To hold you
one more time
To know that deep down inside
you are truly mine
If only I could feel
the warmth of your embrace
and feel your forgiveness
making my wrongs erased
If I could just love you
the same as I did before
being that one person
who you aloned adored
All the times we had
the happy and the sad.
That certain way
you made good from bad
The passion that formed
inside our souls
Making us feel
like we were finally whole
The intensity that made
my life a treat
The way your simple touch
could lift me off my feet
You made my life complete
and my character proud
because everytime I was with you
my head was in the clouds
If only it could go back
to the way it had been
Then our friendship
wouldn't be so thin,
and maybe...just maybe
we could start over again.

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Pablo Neruda

If You Forget Me

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Oh, Going Back-wishing for what we had perhaps after messing up. Realizing that what we had was really special and now you can think of what you had and how you felt. I enjoyed this right as well. It is real, and feel within these feelings you have. Only hope it could be repaired; but if not, waiting until the next that comes your way......Wishing and missing what we had is like having only half of a heart, something or apart of you is missing.