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Going Back Home

I thought I couldn't go back again
remembering forgotten things
saying unsaid things
desires years ago I blame
Should I go back and say
I'd do it another way

People drift, people move on
I don't know how things could have been
But seeing you here, right now
makes me wish I could do it all over again

Now we're moving on the dance floor
like we did long ago
living the past, way back when
If this is goodbye, I should say so
can I make that mistake again?

I think I'll win you with a smile
I think I'll keep you with a kiss
holding you here for a while
now I remember this

Now the dance is over
the music dies down, and I realize
my drifter life I sometimes despise
but I can't trade the world
even for your eyes

Sometimes I look back
every now and then
and remember back when
but I can't go back and say
I'd do it any other way

Many years have passed since that fateful day
we shared a dance, trying to recapture a memory
but what I captured was finally
a knowing that never should have been

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somehow i can really relate well to this poem..great work.. :)