Going Back To Ask

This one is a keystone of the work, here
Holding the bridge of my mind
Together, and I am not alone, there
Well, I suppose
Or in pieces depending on the day
We all want to know something
One may call it truth or betterment
Tell me if I am wrong
Actually, we merely hold on to a detail
Thinking we would sink and drown otherwise
Yet, doing so just prevents us to swim
Saying this is painful
I mean live happy and to the full
We stop and think and here comes misery
We really need not to pause nor get hurt
Yet, we often need a rest and to breath
Life is short already when we are so thirsty
We cannot go back nor fix our past
We can only dream of what is or might be
Such a powerful gift already
But we keep waiting and hoping at the station
For ghost trains and get bored while waiting
We invent questions, theories and stories
This one is quite bad past midlife
And often want to cancel our travel and all
Wandering we draw or paint our lives in new colors
And pondering if we could go back, know orchange
Surely this we could?
But we cannot. Also, what would be the question?
When from where I sit now it is so clear already
That some of us cannot even ask another out for tea
So blinding true
We spend life with our amazing abilities
Yet, are trap under layers of conformity
There is no need to go back nor wait
Just keep going

by Marilyn Jean

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We hesitate lose chance and yearn to go back. Jump the trap.