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Going Down The Path

I think of you as I walk down the path
I smile, then I chuckle, then I laugh and I laugh;
Then I stop and then I think……….
Was I laughing at you or was I laughing at me
Do I owe someone a punch or maybe an apology,
Did I fight, did I argue or did I disagree?
Maybe, I should just buy myself another drink.

I pondered as I walked to a nearby bar
There I will ask the bartender to fill my mason jar;
As I must be on the path once again……….
I am walking down the path, then I begin to cry
I am crying and crying I keep on wondering why,
Do these tears of mine justify?
Maybe, I must remember not where I am going, but where I've been.

As I wondered down the path I am quite confused
I laugh and then I cry, I then become highly amused;
Then I stop, so that I can contemplate……….
I cannot stand still so I fall down upon my face
I laugh at myself for the comedy and then I cry for the disgrace,
Should I curse, or should I say grace?
Maybe, into my life I should stop and investigate.

I get back on my feet and I now begin to ruminate
Now I think of my current condition, and about my current fate;
I now remember, it is October……….
October is the month of Halloween and my separation
The month I harvested my pumpkins and had no vacation,
Do I need some serious deliberation?
Maybe, I concluded that I should just stay sober.

Randy L. McClave

by Randy McClave

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