Going, Going...Gone!

Gon' git outta here...
Trying to spread that mess!
You ain't heard me say nuthin'...
About her or her ugliness.
All I said,
Was he wasn't wrapped too tight,
In his head.
Because 'you' have issues with her...
You need not tell lies,
To have them roll their eyes at me.
You gooooood for stirring things up!
And then sittin' back and laughin'...
Like you're not the cause for all the fuss!

Gon' git outta here...
Trying to spread that mess!
Talkin' 'bout,
How you saw who with who.
And which one said something,
About me...
That I should address!
And you don't want to get involved?
Because you don't think it is your place?
But you are all up in their business...
And you are telling lies all up in my face?

Outta here!
You ain't satisfied...
Until an argument hits the air.
And you don't care,
Who is in it or how it starts!
You just like to agitate.
Do it...
And then depart!

Gon' git outta here...
Trying to spread fresh mess!
You are getting too old for this.
This act of yours is too predictable.
And getting easier to resist in protest.
Folks have updated their ways to gossip today!
They use email, blogs and text messages,
To say what they have to say!
And this method that you are using...
Is tired.
Slow and lacking imagination.
Like a turtle stuck in molasses.

'Huh? '

You gotta add some 'beatz'!
And package it with somethin' slammin'.
With a rhyme or two.
And loop that with some hip hop!
Download it and then you in da biz!
Got that?
You dropp it!
Hot or not!

'What in the hell are you talking about?
Nobody is in their right mind today.
No where!
I can't find a single person,
Who values the art of gossip!
Going, going...gone, is another lost treasure!
Man, you need to see a doctor...quick.
You're going through some menopause...
Or something!
SOMETHING is wrong with you!
I think your mind has 'flipped'!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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