Going, Going, Gone

Going, going, gone!

The pulchritude of those who believe,
They were born to lead.
And have been blessed...
With superior intelligence.
Going, going, gone...
Is that mindset!

Going, going, gone!

Stereotyping others,
With the depiction of them being lazy,
Shiftless and ignorant.
This pendulum has already swung.
Reality for many has clearly begun.

Going, going, gone!

Too much of it existing has not been addressed.
Out of necessity a 'thoughtfulness' to protect the shores.
There seems to be an acknowledgement today...
Of what is not 'mine' exclusively,
But also 'ours' and also 'yours'.

Going, going, gone!

Ethnic jokes and the fools who tell them.
There is nothing funny about watching 'certain' people,
Making fun of the plight of others...
As their druthers has humanity,
Sitting at the brink of disaster.
Because they believe they have been the chosen ones.
There is nothing laughable in the observation,
As to what 'these' people have done!

And going, going, gone...
Are their beliefs with philosophies.
And their blatant madness.
Perhaps they are wizards of delusion.
They have not proven they have been,
Masters of Ecology nor will ever be!
That's for sure.

With an arrogance to destroy 'my' planet?
I don't think so!
Some folks like that will just have to go.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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