Going Nowhere Fast

Him: I answered you 
Her: I asked more.. But just friends we are then?   
Him: U ask if I wanna Explore more  
: I told u I answered U 
Her: Ok.. no issues here  
Him: Suree 

Going nowhere fast 
We've reached the climax 
According to Usher 
You and I may never meet at the alter 

You can't see me with no one else 
Yet we remain as friends  
The thought of someone holding me the way you do 
Kills you 
Yet nothing between us has further evolved  
I've waited almost seven years for you 
Watch you do you 
And I stopped watched me 
Everyone could see  
how sad and depressed  
I've become including me 

I should have focused more on my self preservation 
Instead of love and it's deprivation  

I know you didn't ask me to stick around  
You questioned my motives 
Feeling stifled for your acknowledgement  
Feelings of love and hate are incoherent  
I all do is write... My outlet to vent 
Everyday I pray and repent  

I see clearly what we are 
We are going nowhere fast 
I surrender from this Love and war 
Our love belongs to the past 
Our journey is over 
But oh how I wished I was your last. 


by Anita Khelawan

Comments (3)

Very emotionally descriptive poem, your feelings flow throughout it, love unreturned is one of the most difficult things in life to deal with, because you give yourself totally without counting the cost and receive nothing in return but doubts, conflicts and hurt feelings. An honest evaluation of love never being realized. Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn
a lively description of tragic end to the love story expressed nicely by you...
Very nice conversation. A sad end to a love affair nicely written.