Going Out Of My Mind

Sitting here going out of my mind
Why bother it's a waste of my time
Mothers subjected to everything
The children, cooking, and cleaning
So much to do so little time
That and more going out of my mind
Work, Bills, endless appointments too
There is no limit to what Mothers do
Seems there is no end to all of it too
No time to spend with children or the husband 2
Why there isn't even time for little ol you
Going, going out of my mind Just what can I do
When you do not have the time to focus or have a clue?
So many things are bothering me yet no time to deal
Different diagnosis yet no time to heal
So much stress, life such a mess
Not enough time to even rest
Going out of my mind, yes
I strive to be at my best
To think If I had the free time to use
Spend it with whom I choose
Of course it would be with my family
They are most important to me
Yet still going out of my mind
Why, Why, Why bother I haven't got the time.
Going going out my mind! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

by Shannon Middleton

Comments (1)

Wow, how much i do feel this one. Every day life is sometimes too much. Well written! !