Going Through A Ritual

It has become somewhat of a ritual.

'What has? '

This going to church on Sunday business.
To sit and listen to calls for unity.
With no one paying a bit of attention.
It's like someone who has good intentions,
To go to church to pray and feel blessed.
But forgets where they are in the process.
And can not remember after the 'ceremony'...
What was preached or even 'why' they went.
Although in great detail,
They will tell you who attended.
What they wore and where they sat.
And how much they put into the collection baskets.
To 'then' stop and chat to those known in the congregation...
Before returning back to their seats,
To continue running their mouths.

'Yes it has.
I agree.'

What has?

'Their call for unity and respect.'

~Will you two be quiet!
No need to turn around.
I'm talking to you 'two'.
In the fifth row.
Am I or am I not here to preach a sermon?
What do you think I am doing up here?
Wasting my fire and brimstone performance?
Going through a ritual?
May I remind 'everyone'...
We are 'here' AND 'inside' of a church! ~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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I'd never know about the special collections in advance and put it all in the basket I was always left feeling embarrassed about the guilt I felt....iip