Going Through My Head

Is it worthy to keep and maintain notes,
On the proper execution of social etiquette?
Or expressing flawless elocution,
When asked to publicly speak...
At a dinner party when a food fight erupts,
Over misunderstanding what was heard.

When the key speaker mispronounces words,
Intending to impress.
Or leaves those who are contributors believing,
They are being described as leechers...
Instead of donators that has afforded a success.
There has been an absence of preparation.

'I specifically asked my speech writer,
To replace the word 'suckers' for philanthropers.
That word might have been a thought,
Going through my head in the early stages...
To incorporate 'my' own experiences.
And not meant to be verbally said.
This has clearly been a misinterpretation of intent.
And for that I apologize.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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