Going Through The Motion

Who it is we live to become,
To have experienced overcoming...
Ongoing trials and tribulations done.
With this still everyday,
Offering no safety net or exit to escape.
Is a living to witness God's miracles.
Enabling anyone,
To heal from wounds and scars.
Without them displayed.
Or have a mind that is crazed.
To know with this not to be shown,
That a validation of their faith to keep.
Needs not for them to prove repeatedly.
Or be interrogated,
By those scripture readers...
Of professed religious beliefs.
Wishing to have evidence provided,
From the ones who live faithfully.
And doing it without being questioned,
About God or which specific religion...
They follow.
Or try to enforce on others to endorse.
Since the evidence is in the feeling.
And not in the promotion.
To a faking of going through the motion.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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