JF (10/10/69 / Louisville, Kentucky)

Going To France Was Her Dream

Going to France was her dream,
But life is never as good as it seems.
Her's turned out tragically bad.
Now I am very sad.
She will never see Paris or the Eiffel Tower
Or a clock in Boulogne chime by the hour.
She was the best she could be.
She meant everything to me.
Now she's in heaven at peace.
My love for her will never cease.
I miss her so much
And long for her touch.
Someday I will see her again.
Only G-d knows when.
It is getting harder and harder for me to wait,
But until then I will have to accept her fate.

by Jeff Fleischer

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A lovely tribute here that was well written with a nice natural flow. I gave it a 10. Spiritsong