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Going To Ground
JD ( / Frazier Park, California)

Going To Ground

And the marketplace shouldered the load,
As a main contingent excluded
What sacrifice people, the masses endured
To keep the thing afloat.
Surrey not for those stepping back a bit
From the high-times high-living meant
To surround,
They shall cousin each other smaller
Anecdotal pieces of what stripped pie
And less gluttony, the press of greed,
Salutary in accident and final campaign screening
That altogether wears out, wears down
Will be seen to anchor while uprooting's too
Wince, but slam not our offers to ground;
Untitled, un-fixed.

Say to those encountering along a road,
Some worn path on the ground,
Say why in truth the lot is full
And the `tub without bottom.'
The lot; full of penitents!
Tub; holds not a drop
And Lord knows the anvil is a dent
In it's solid use and hammer invents a case
Could extract alembic truth
From whatever is loaded on screen
To sift and sieve lives through
To ground!

Copyright 2002 Joe Duvernay. All rights reserved.

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