Going To Sleep

Close your eyes and go to sleep
God waits for your prayers to keep,
As you slumber, dreams you will encumber
So, rest with no worries or nightmares to weep.
The sandman comes to put sand in your eyes
Then sleep and rest, tiredness is your prize,
But, first say your prayers, loose all your cares
As Angles and dreams above your head flies.
There are no monsters underneath your bed
So, lay down your precious sleepy head,
Cover your form, so you can stay warm
As you slide underneath my old bedspread.
To my precious sweet child I will now say
The sun has slowly drifted away,
Now turn off your light, it is now night
The sprites and gnomes, are not out to play.
Shhhhh! The stars they make not a peep
Pillows they now become your sheep,
It is now time, to hear an old sleepy rhyme
As you close your eyes and fall asleep.

Randy L. McClave

by Randy McClave

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