Going To The Dogs?

Some say your going to the dogs
I say not so to you sweet friend.
For can a dog make springs or cogs?
with out which time will find it's end.

Can a poddle write a book?
which the world would need to inspire
for if the dogs the power took,
There would be an end to desire.

Can any dog great or small
give another an affectionate hug?
no indeedy not at all
but maybe an affectionate ear tug.

So I say gain dear friends
The world is a lovely place
we can hurt or make a meads
were dogs can only scratch and race.

by Tamsin Burnett

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Dear Tamsin, Thankyou for your comment about' I Recommend.' As well, I would like to say I enjoyed this poem very much. Good day to you and thanks. Richard
This is a very origional and enjoyable poem. Nice one. Hugs Anna xxx PS Thanks for your comments