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Going Under
( / Kent, England now living in Scotland)

Going Under

Poem By jennifer jane pryce

I’m starting to go under
Been trying to stay afloat
These currents pull me down and down
And got me by the throat

This darkness that I feel so strong
Has been a lifelong thing
To drag at me from time to time
And I need rescuing

Take me by the hand and then
Perhaps it will not call
And take me periodically
To a place so dark to fall

I want to stay on top of things
And make a place for me
To stay all happy and content
And make me feel so free

Free to think and feel without
The pressure of that place
To hasten me to happy times
And keep a steady pace

Keep me there; you can help
I know you can for sure
Be strong for me and hold me tight
To you I do implore

You are the one to help me stand
So strong and always happy
Catch me now; don’t let me fall
Now there’s a good wee chappie! !

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