Going Under

With everyday that passes
with you not here
my life slips away
with everything I hold dear

Being taken away
from the mother I had
was a day of pure sorrow
and I was sad

3000 miles away
away from a place called home
my happiness drifts away
and I act like a drone

New school, new people
but not the people I know
If I don't get out of here soon
I'll jump out the window

I am going under
my sorrow consumes me
and the only place I feel good
I home and I'm happy

But she wasn't my real mom
a stepparent at best
but I loved her like my real mom
and we were put to the test

My dad doesn't want to see her
and puts me through hell
and my sorrow and anger
in my soul it dwells

I'd rather be away
leaving behind this pain
mabye I will take a bus
or I could take a plane

Just seeing her smiling face
would bring love to my heart
but each day passes
and my heart refuses to start.

for 10 years we were friends
and a mother and daughter to
but of course she wanted divorce
and it all came unglued

I am going under
my heart begins to slow
and the happiness I had before
refuses to show

Going under
in this pain I dwell
and hopefully you don't have to go through this
because it is pure hell.

by shelbie bozeman

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