BM (26-03-45 / Salford, England)

'Gold! '

Gold! 'he yelled
'in them thar hills'
he danced to pass the time
'it's laying all around'
he said 'and I'm gonna
git me mine.
But first I gotsta to
stake my claim.'
and he turned towards the town.
thinking of the life he'd lead
and the dynasty he'd found
But he shudna, didna yelled
so loud,
shoulda kept the
news hush, hush,
‘cos he
never gotsta stake his claim
he was trampled in the rush.....yuk......yuk.....yuk

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Comments (2)

I applaud you on this one Bill, a great write and a fun one into the bargain. Loved it, it's going to my favourites, as I could read it over and over. Love Ernestine XXX
Funny! I can't tell who's the main character....the miner or the speaker! Both are well spoken.a good poem fur sure.., i wundurs where Cooky and the chuck waggin' iz? fittin ta be time fer vittles! shurnuff am tireda them beeens a hiz, though...