Gold At The Rainbow’s End

Everyone wants to find
the gold at the rainbow’s end,
but most of us have already found it,
and just don’t realise the fact.
We have a lot of good friends,
and a love that soars us into the heavens.
That is what the pot of gold is all about.
These are worth more than
the gems that sparkle in your hand.
They make your life sparkle
with the happiness they bring to you.

by David Harris

Comments (5)

Indeed you are right David, and you find this more and more as you get older. Materials things become less attractive and friends and people you meet more important. Love the sentiments in this poem. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX
Who will ever forget zippy, used to love rainbow when i was a kid.. Sorry lost track there, not all treasure at the end of a rainbow is gold it might just be loving beautiful soul...10
David...You just got yirself a nick-name....'The Poet of Positivity'...and i just dubbed you, so there! This is fine work, my friend, and your up-lifting style & topic-selection in general is most pleasing to the eyes & most quenching to the poetic thirst. Cheers! ~ ~ ~
Something about Rainbows and friendships fits like a glove...My mind is in song mode or something tonight for everything I read seems like a song or reminds me of one...for instance., 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Way up High, There's a land that I dreamed of Once in a Lullaby...etc.' Ok, now my cheeks are wet and contacts rolling...must be a girl thing [tears]. Oh, btw, this is beautiful but than what else would it be as the person below as so honestly stated.~~~marci.xxo. :) ~~
Great poem from a great poet.