Gold Digga

i spend some time chasin dis dime down michigan avenue
i say 'u da gurl dats ben all in ma dreams havent u? '
she say 'dat shit was weak so u gotta do betta dude'
how could i say such a weak ass line...
i jus rushed rite into it, i shoulda took mo time
i bump into dis guy who was drunk off wine
he says 'go spit da real shit, go blow her mind'
i sed 'thanks 4 advice, i jus mite do that'
im gonna say wat i feel an hope she wont be rude bacc
I fix my image
my hair is good, my pants is pressed
I pop a altoid, makin sure my breath is fresh
I tap her on da shoulder as she was lookin at a sun dress
I say “hey im Corey, don’t rlly care bout way ya name is,
I seen yo ass las week an I jus wana say dis: DAMMIT GIRL YU FINE!
I shoulda met yu quicka
U thick an bout 2 bust up out dem pants
I feel sorry fa ya zippa
I got da car outside, so maybe we can kick it
If u got 5 on da gas den I kno a place 2 visit
I dropp u off at a bus stop an hope 2 git a digit
U wana come 2 da crib?
Well dem clothes is like a cd, ill rip it
Leave ya shoes at da door, I jus got a new floor
The cable turned off so we got channels 6-24
I ate the last pack of noodles, but ill go get more
After we finish washin all the clothes that I wore..
To me that sounds like a kick ass day
Don need to spend no money, I kick it the broke way”
I paused, licked my lips an waited for wat she gon say..
“Nigga ya game is weak, get out my face an neva approach me! ”
I walk off an think “that’s the las time I let a fuckin wino coach me”
We both walk up out the store
Shes sees me hop up in da lexus,
I pull out, an she comes runnin sayin “hey wait baby, check dis! ”

by Corey Simpson

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