GL (July 4,1994 / LDN, Philippines)

Gold Dust(Dedicated To Leah Abigail Arcenal-One Of My Dearest Friends)

I knew one day there would be an end for the game
When my life wouldn't be the same
When my world wouldn't be sweet as sugarcane

I knew the song inside of me would soon stop
And my world will suddenly turn back
That I would soon wish my life will turn back

That one day you told me
That no sooner you will leave me
My heart just wanted to plea
That you would stay with me

But I'd rather let you go
Seek for green pastures i told you so
Leave with a happy heart and without sorrow
For the pain in you will slowly go

Find new friends and company
Head for a new life and live happily
Sing a new song and melody
Go and get ready for your new story

But wherever you may go
Smile the way you have always done so
I'll never forget you, you should know
For you'll always leave a gold dust in my memory that I'll never blow

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Comments (4)

genese! si perocho ni :)) pwede nko ni gamiton para sa amo activity? :))
A well balance write good job....
nice heavenly dust and the gold always glow......... your friend is gifted..............
That gold dust is worth much more than a metal.