Gold Mine

What are you all doing?
With such enthusiasm and excitement.

'Shaping public opinion.
With the use of false demographics.
And unreliable yet to prove surveys.'

Why the enthusiasm and excitement?
Nothing you are doing is any different.

'We've made a major difference.
This time we have decided to smile more.
And do less dressing to impress,
By lowering our expectatons.
And stepping away from that social etiquette,
Politically correct mess.
In otherwords...
We've decided to go back to the future!

We've learned people are more suspicious,
If we represent an image they could never reach.
So this time around,
We thought the use of deception makes more sense.
People today have been conditioned to be deceived.
And today?
We are going to tap into this gold mine.'

You are in the right neighborhood.
You have found a treasure here.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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