Golden Child

To you, mother, I was
a great man
in his boyhood.

Married to someone you'd
realized you could not talk to,
in a domestic prison
in a city you did not know
with a young, dependant child,
how alone you must have felt!

Who would deliver you
but that same, golden son?
He had to be
someone great.

Seeded by your desire,
he believed he was,

and will never feel at peace
until the whole world
sees him the way you did.

by Max Reif

Comments (7)

really Max this was stunning.. if only all could see the best of us like our mothers and if only we could express our appreciation to our mother like you did. wonderful! HBH
What a touching tribute to your mother. Sometimes I wonder if we are really appreciated for all the hours spent worrying over our children. And then when they turn out to be fine, educated, talented, and wonderful adults - you finally know that all your efforts were not in vain. Wonderful read. LInda
Heart in throat, tears in eyes.
Max, this one simply broke my heart. It expresses so clearly the hopes we all have to return to unconditional love or to find it somewhere, sometime, in our lives. You wrote from the heart and your poem will touch many. Raynette
Great Max, everybody's self-pity dwells........really a masterpiece.
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