TTO ( / Washington State)

Golden Depictions

Wildly you painted your pictures-
Your brush 'twas surely: 'Out Of Control...'
Oh, what information, we garnered
And what a view of the colours of your soul;
For so many years, it was a puzzle incomplete...
But no more, since your quilled and painted depiction
Your words and morbid colours exposed to our eyes
Ended our living with, only, mere science fiction;
You were always the missing piece...
The one with the everlasting chip upon the shoulder
Carried over decades of drug addled vengence
Allowing your true feelings, to simply smolder;
Erasing your quilled words comes too late...
As you continue to revolve around, a now lost center
For you have been deleted and blocked forever...
Now, just a sign remains: 'Do Not Enter! '
And so, as you may still be Climbing in your deluded mind...
Through your shades of Deathly Morbid Fears-
I just want to say: 'There never will be: A Room At The RR Inn...'
For your information, only, 'a real War has begun my dear! '

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