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The Day My Tongue Dropped
( / Bhubaneswar, Odissa, India)

The Day My Tongue Dropped

Poem By Anish Cherian

when the golden dusts yet etching by the faith of trust
from somewhere within yet spilling into the milieu
as I feel yet fateful in deep ecstasy of nights
and I love the images of love when being refluxed
from the shadow of my dream as sourced by the faith of love.

yet the dream of love a stance yet unequalled
by the touch of the rainbow in all its secrets
as the splashing of the waves of gleams when eternal
are the raves up as the sacred hue as the blue moon

never yet end then there still persists till our time
onto the mingling of the tide even if ebbing yet
all the bits of dusts golden as subsumed into the totality
when in uplifting the soul by embracing the gleams
as when revered by the truth of love when divine

the dusts of bliss yet whispers the love when aspired
swell into the sky high in honor of the glory of faith
and the gleams of love onto the sea slushing when abased
when glimmered by the blue moon and the blue sea
yet in embracing the love in truth of trust by the faith of love

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Comments (3)

Very colourful and enlightening
awesome work, top mark my friend. thanks for sharing, Mary
You have painted a waterfall of words that cascades over the reader in radiant colours of golden and blue - a passionate expression of love and spiritual bliss. Beautiful poem. love, Allie xxxx