Golden Height.

One day we'll reach that Golden Height.
Until you've acquired
With perseverance you 'll reach.
It is through a stairway
Step by step, day by day.
Gradually with sincerity without abruptness to hide,
no regrets, our goal is to reach that stagnant height, no elsewhere to go, and all you see will glitter like gold.

by Sy Wong ...

Comments (2)

thin; the black hair one day it'll be white teeth; so strong against the ram chest bone one day it'll be loose skin; so soft for palm touching one day it'll be harsh eye; so sharp for the near and far one day it'll lose its power everything; at present full of power one day everything will be aside; out of sight but; the one day is everyday and the everyday is present for the new and shining human
An inspiring poem, dear Ma'am Sy.....10++++++++++