TTO ( / Washington State)

Golden Reapers

Jeramiah always hides behind,
A virtual salad of AKA'S.
A Beau to a few shadows.
His writing, just a demonic phase!
Is he Christian-No never?
I mean idenity fraud is a,
Common crime.
'I know', that is to say -
That he has,
Done Pen Time.........
He is a Remote Control Stick.
Street-Wise-Computer-Guru Shiek.
He hacks and Hi-jacks,
And stalks those he,
Cosiders to be meek.
Just a common thug for hire (Unplugged) .
And credit card abuser.
A burglery enhancer
A cocaine user.
His mind is in
Bits and pieces.
His violent seeds sown to keep
A CK Bowen Flunky
Golden Harvests
Are n'er his to reap! ! ! !

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