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Golden Sunshine
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Golden Sunshine

Girl, you walked right in

Throwing wide open

Doors of my heavy heart

Lightening it with your laugh

Girl, you walked right in

Without an invite

No ringing bells

You barged in straight

Girl, like the golden sunshine

Passing through the sheer white curtain

Waking me up from deep slumber

Squinting my eyes with brightness

Girl, you breeze through life

With a naughty delight

Savouring all that’s nice

And spreading joy around

Girl, don’t grow up please

It’s a choice you can make

Just be the way you are

Not letting life break you

Girl, even when you pout and sulk

And throw nasty tantrums

I stifle my smile, look serious

You may never know why

Girl, you’re a dear little friend

Queen of drama

Princess of hearts

When you feel sad, so do I

Girl, just be the drop

Of golden sunshine

Just breeze through life

Spreading a warm glow around

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