WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

Golden Sweetheart

I reach out to let you know someone is there
I reach out to let you know that I care
But you keep smacking my hands away
You are going to need those arms someday

Strongly you try to stand
But no man is an island
Independent is what you are
You need no one to make you feel like a star

Sometimes you resonate in the back of my mind
For a good friend sometimes is hard to find
Don't you see I've tried to reach you
Or is that you just don't have a clue

On yourself, you must depend
But don't you know I am just a friend
You've said I'm that and nothing more
So why do you keep closing your door

It's your song so let us dance
I'm not trying to get in your pants
I am a friend that you can rely
But how much longer should I try

Rejection is very hard to take
Why won't you open up for goodness sake
You never miss the water till the well runs dry
One day I won't be there to dry you eye

I was there to pick you up and such
I was there to drive you home when you had too much
I was there to turn your frown into a smile
You know my number so why won't you dial

All I need to know is that you're doing fine
But in your eyes, all I see is a question sign
How much longer do you think it will last
Till all will be in the past

You are beautiful but you refuse to you see
So, for now, I will just let it be
You are perfect in every way
Just a simply smile and you've made my day

My eyes were blind but now I see thee
For your eyes has always captivated me
You are cool and a wit for you are clever
In your eyes, I saw God and forever

You like the thrill of the hunt and the chase
But my time I can't afford anymore to waste
Seeking something that can't be sought
Pursuing something that can't be caught

You can run but you cannot hide
Someday I won't be by your side
Now it's time for me to cease and desist
For my friendship, you have dismissed

Lord knows that I've tried
But something inside for me has died
Bittersweet was my friend
For your love for me has come to an end

My eyes cried and my lips are quivering
My body shakes, my soul is shivering
My heart breaks and my mind forsakes
My ears won't hear, my being fears

I refuse to say goodbye but see you later
Someday you might find something greater
No longer two for we are now apart
So long, fair thee well my golden sweetheart

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