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Sisterhood (Best Friends)

I can tell you anything,
I can act normal around you,
And you're still there,
Because you are my best friend.

We'rehere for each other til' the end,
Always known as best friends.

We give each other great advice,
We've done each other's make-up at least once or twice,
We talk about boys,
And other gossip we heard at achool.

But, I begin to realize,
That we share something more than a friendship,

You know as well as I do,
That we treat each other as if we're sisters,
And just to say,
I'm proud to call you my sister,
Because you mean more than the world to me,
And I'll love you til' the end
Even longer than that.

You will always put in a special place in my heart,
As my best friend,
But most of all,
A sister of mine,
Til' the day that I die.

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