WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

Golden Touch

Golden touch
I was broken till you came along
You put the words back into my song
In your world is where I now belong

Golden touch is it that I love you so much
I was lost till I met you
I now love everything you do
I live now just because of you

Golden touch
Your are the object of my desire
I am like a cat on a high wire
For you I would walk in front of gunfire

Golden touch
This to you I must confess
Your mind and body I want to possess
I long for you to kiss and caress

Golden touch my Liege
You are the key to my success
My love I can no longer suppress
You are a beautiful princess

Golden touch
To me I grant you total access
With you I feel no distress
You have driven me to total madness

Golden touch
No longer these thoughts I can suppress
With my eyes you I’ve undress
If the world would know I could care less

Golden touch
These words I wish to you to express
You’ve brought me out of my sadness
You’ve driven back the darkness
You are my goddess and my empress

Golden touch
I wasn’t quite right and you made me see the light
You are what I’ve been longing for
With your love I could never want more

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