Barbarian Shadows

Where I’m from
Barbarian shadows creep up behind your children
And turn them into merciless killers
Shadows Intoxicated with blood,
A symbolic alcoholic and everybody knows it.
Flooded with corruption and trapped in its own nightmare,
Feeding on the screams that fill the air.
Imagine yourself being the child, taken from all you knew
No, it’s not an illusion, a lie or a prank.
Open your mind and take the time to visualize
What you have been turned into, animalized.
You start to ignore the temptation to kill without hesitation.
You start to feel the sensation of fresh blood dripping off your prey
That you have just blown into obliteration.
Things start to make sense; you’re now one of them,
A barbarian shadow, blending in with the leaves waiting to feed.

by Deng Deng Akuien

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