Goldie Locks

Poem By Kendell Cochrane

I've made a few beds,
I've layed in them all,
Fell short with a few,
With others, too tall

I've tried growing gardens
Without a green thumb,
Self seeded some patience,
Before going numb...

Watered thoughts daily
So that they would sprout,
It took quite some time,
Now i've figured it out.

I'm not who i was,
That'll constantly change,
But with more positivity
Kept within range;
So the shadows ive let in
Dont swallow me whole,
As theyve done thrice before,
Taking tolls on my soul...

Comments about Goldie Locks

i won't deny that your title drew ME in and it relates to the trying of beds in the poem. but the spelling is not true to the name of a famous fairy tale, which i'm sure you were thinking of: (thanks, Google) Goldilocks and the Three Bears is a 19th-century fairy tale of which three versions exist. :) bri
(cont.) ..and i plan to use this poem in my upcoming, usually-monthly, showcase of PH poems. each showcase has a title, containing month and year, and is treated by PH as a single poem, thus showing up in the PH list of my poems. but it contains many poems by many poets, and the authors always are named with their poems. any questions? just ask! thanks. bri :)
(cont.) ...some apostrophes are 'missing' in the last stanza, but those things 'just happen' (and worse!) sometimes on PH. it is not always the fault of the poet! ! i think this is a delicious poem. yum-yum! ! i like the cleverness, swift movement, and rhyming. to MyPoemList. (continued) ..
Although “layed” is an extremely popular variant spelling of the past tense of transitive “lay, ” “laid” is the traditional spelling in all contexts. If your boss decides to lay you off, you are laid off. The hen laid an egg. You laid down the law......layed is considered archaic aka old-fashioned. BUT it is a word, just a variant and not used all the time. AND PH IS A POETRY SITE, so...go with it. (continued) ..
Write comment. Imagination, Kendell. Read my poem, Love and Iust. Thanks

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