(04/10/1978 / Berrien Springs)

Goldilocks And The Spear Of Longinus

Daddy laid me down in bed
He said,

“I saw Goldilocks
In the surf up to her
Breasts holding the Spear of
The caps of waves
Swirling in little red pools
Sunlight riding hoods
Of the giant beasts circling

I yelled, ‘Goldilocks,
What are you doing? ’

Goldilocks replied in the
“I’ve already killed 3
Grizzlies and ate their
Slept in their beds too-
Now I’m sporting
Deadlier prey.

Come in
And kiss me
If you dare.”

“Did you kiss her? ” I asked Daddy.

“No, ” he said. “I was too afraid.
So I married your mother.”

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Loved the image. I always enjoy your postings, Rob