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When from work I finally retire
Then probably from exercising I will lose all desire,
I guess I will give up on juices and green tea
I will probably sit and watch my sports on the T.V.

I most likely will get lazy and most likely fat
No longer will I be able or want to train upon a mat,
Football, baseball and basketball I won't be able to play
As I did in a younger day.

Running or dancing about I won't be able to do
If I did my body most likely would become black and blue,
Speeding balls I won't be able to carry or to hit
And when I get tired, I will want to sit.

Now I will be older with a weakened heart
To get around I will probably need a wheelchair or a cart,
But, I will still enjoy sports and the fresh air
While wishing that I was still young, and strong like a mare.

My quick reactions they will probably be all gone
And I won't want anyone seeing me in the brawn,
And gone too will be the quick reflexes that I once had
They'll become like me, lazy and bad.

From a referee or a judge I will no longer see or hear their call
From kicking or throwing or even double dribbling a ball
Slovenly I will walk about and probably wheeze and cough
The new sport designed for me, will be golf.

Randy L. McClave

by Randy McClave

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