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Rebirth And Its Validity
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Rebirth And Its Validity

The process of life’s evolution,
The stage to stage continuation,
The laws of causalities confirm,
Good is benign and evil is harm.

Matter and spirit combined to form the body and mind,
And then there are the abstract series, invisible like wind.
The subtlest, as word, thought, reflection, and vision,
Determine our promotion and degradation.

As the rebirth of ideas, and activities daily rise,
Re call of the past, and dream of future, come as prize.
What you are now, is the product of continuous past,
This present slides into life are breathing last.

Evolution happens both in matter and spirit,
The variations come out, as God them treats.
Life in this earth is mountain tacking adventure,
Ascending and declining, as per one’s will and vigor.

If your death, like the fall, from the certain point happens,
In your next birth, with your past actions, new life begins.
So there is no cause to mourn for loss, and gain,
Your journey will continue, until you meet the main.

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Robert Frost

Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening

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I'm back! ! ! My name was hellp because my mother found my poems and back tehn i had poems that were alot more intense. about suicide, religion, and sex. My mom banned me from the site and made me delet all my poems. (my mom and family r VERY strong christians) i changed my name and deleted only some of my poems. My name was hellp cuz i felt like i was in hell and i REALLY needed help. i was so scared. I'v never been on the website for years and then i got an email today that sed i hada comment on one of my poems...i read all of the commments i missed and it totally inspired me to continue my poetry. I changed my name and i will try 2 pick up where i left off...i havn't written poetry since i got caught...thankyou so much for ur support
Good testimony poem was looking for some good poetry and found you. I
You are one of the most intriguing poets I've ever read. Your poetry as poetry goes is really good. I disagree with a lot of your thoughts, but you express things in ways I can merely dream about. Good writing Tasia.