NK (27/08/1984 / Nairobi, Kenya)


A relationship meant for love
one meant for each to serve
for sharing gains
and bearing pains.

But it no longer is
he and she no more at ease
and a thing of the past is peace
their love has expired as though on lease.

Their house is silent
their laughter no longer salient
their children in constant fear
and know not of the joys of their peers.

The days are long
their nights a song
a song like dirge
of days gone in a surge.

the children cry
hide in the past they try
and at memories long gone they sigh
fornow, only sad memories do they make.

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Comments (4)

Sounds like my parents, wonderful write.
gone are the days when we were happy but poet is the hope of future
Great poem...Very melancholic and moving. Keep writing those great poems.
hey Ngendo welcome and great to have you and you have a great poem here sad though but deep and expressive keep on writing **koNi**