TB (June 15,19- / Knoxville, TN)


There's no more time...he's gone
I still have words I could have shared.
I let the time slip by, but, I was afraid of what he would say.
I wanted to have him look at me and finally tell me the truth.
I wanted to tell him it was okay..
He never once in all these year's told any of us he made a mistake..
He only bragged about who he was and what he did for his
family..but he never told the truth..
I only wanted him to really look at me and really talk to me.
We all needed him to talk to us..we carry these scar's and the anger
of not being able to resolve the hurt..all we wanted to say was we did it wrong with our kids too...no one is perfect..and we wanted to love him.
But, it's too late...Dad is gone now..

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