KEM (1964 / Stuttgart, Germany)


I woke this morning dreaming
threads of slumber in my head
I rolled over for some reason
the stirring cleared my head
As I lay there fighting
the night off from the day
I realized I had rolled to you
but you have gone away
As the realization dawned
I tried to keep it real
but as the world came waking
I still wanted to slumber on
There was nothing to hold onto
nor nothing laying warm
beside me or near me
I cant see it anymore
I know how much I miss you
But you have the choice
to end a love that lasted
I have never had a voice
I am now awake
these hard words fill my head
I will listen to the birds outside
and try to remember,
I am alone....
I am not dead

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Comments (2)

A sad but enigmatic poem. Read mine - Last Rung on Your Ladder - Adeline
'Threads of Slumber' I like, Great last lines. Sometimes it's hard to tell when you are alone if your still alive. You have to check your pulse, but this is nice.