You left for a 'ride, '
But an hour later you still hadn't returned,
I was so afraid,
The two of you had gone together,
You hated eachother,
Yet you were alone together,
I was afraid something would happen,
I didn't know where you had gone,
I was so afraid,
I sat in my bed crying,
But still you didn't come home,
I was really worried,
Yet there was no return,
I want it all to end,
But that will never happen,
The fighting,
And crying,
I get so worried,
But nothing good happens,
You stay away,
I don't know where you are,
I'm still crying,
Nothing can stop me,
The things you do scare me,
Or make me blue,
I want someone here to comfort me,
Someone to hold me,
Someone to stand by my side,
I don't know what to do,
But to hide,
Because you left me,
To go for a 'ride, '
And now....
Your gone.

by Jessica Kelly

Comments (2)

What a great pain you are carring inside you! I can feel your words. I wish you find a shoulder on you can count and put your tears. Look around there would be someone come to comfirt and hold you and to take your side. You can reject but please don't ignore.
i love the raw emotion displayed here. you're very talented. keep writing!