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JH (10-31-90 / Benton Harbor)


Poem By Jhaneil Hill

My heart, my soul, my love...........
gone and shattered into millions of pieces just tryin to love someone that doesnt love me back.

Excitment and joy because you came back.
Alcohol and drugs that made you sing love songs.
Pain and anger stored inside of you because i wouldnt let you love me the way you wanted too.
Bruses and cuts because you stayed to long.

Me flashin back to the good times I had with you and all of a sudden I see......
A grave, a family and a casket...........
a girl made up pretty and looks peaceful.
Dead because I tried to make you love for to long.

Now i see that its my time to go, but think about all the things you did to me!
Like people say what comes around goes around but if i were you i wouldnt turn around.

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very beautiful! I love this poem! ~~Elya Thorn~~