Her eyes were filled with tears of sorrow
Regret filled her heart like lead
She looked at the child
Sound asleep in her bed
And thought
How hurt she would be
With half her life gone
She left without a trace
Except for
A trail of salty tears down the driveway
The tears made a small
As they hit the ground
Never looking back
To the
As she drove away
Under her breath
She said I love you to the little girl in bed
Years later
The older girl wakes up
Little girl no more
By her window stands a figure
She stares
First in fright
Then stares with tears in her eyes
She blinks and the image is gone
She knew that she hadn't come back
A mere hopefull wish
Filled with empty sorrow
The night she left
She left behind
But she also
Left something else
The love of the little girl
She would pray
and pray
and pray
Gone with night at her back
Driving into the dawn
Regret filling her heart like lead

by Caitlin Kavanauugh

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