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Look, if you wanted me gone,
you could have said go,
is that so hard to let me know?
I guess it is for you

Why do you ignore me?
What have I done?
Why do you push me away?
And say nothing is wrong

When you look at the others,
you jump with glee
but won't even say hi to me
Why do never want to see me?

Good-bye now, I'm going
I don't deserve this loneliness
I have never wronged you
And this you know is true

Now you see me with someone new
you see me happy, you see me healed
you think I'm ill, or broken
you think I'm lost, and you search for me

Don't try to fix me, I'm not broken
don't try to heal me, I'm not ill
don't search for me, I'm not lost...
I have gone.

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