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WGB (1948 / USA)


Poem By Wayne Guy Butterfield

She looked into his eyes, hurting
Her lips still pursed, flirting

She took a step forward, halted
Her mouth tried for words, faltered

The line of his jaw, resisting
The glint in his eye, insisting

Her face froze for a moment, cold
She looked down again, old

He spoke softly then, rhythmic
His words seemed to help, sympathetic

She looked up again, searching
Her mind tried to work, lurching

Her arms reached for him, hoping
She almost braved a smile, coping

The quick touch of his hand, drifting
The frame of his body, twisting

He began to move away, betraying
His steps down the stairs, fading

Her heart seemed to stop, broken
She broke into sobs, choking

After so many nights, unending
After so much hope, unbending

There was nothing to show
There was nowhere to go

(dedicated to Zhang Ziyi and 2046)

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Comments (4)

Very touching, especially the last two lines. Couplets are seldom come across in modern poetry. Thank you for resorting to the classiform style of writing, the eternal charm of which cannot be denied. A well-structured and expressive poem. Congratulations!
The use of rhyme in the poem is very suggestive, like an emphatic counter-point to a scene of lost love, an impassé in a relationship in which there was nothing else to say. The economy of language, & the short descriptive phrases, also help to suggest the very few things to say left between the two lovers. Good work, Gayne. Thanks for sharing.
I love how you've structured this Wayne! Great poem..........I love the rhyme. Sincerely, Mary
Nice work, again, Wayne. Love the consistent use of rhyming (and slant-rhyming) couplets, which in no way detract from the beautifully sad (but universal) story. Powerful! Jon.