Gone But Not Forgotten

For all is not lost,
For all is not gain
And for all is vanity.
As thy memories are unending
And thy legacies shalt forever breath life.
They say thou went for a journey to the land of no return
And took my soul with thee as my living body is meaningless on earth.
I laugh with tears since thou never say goodbye.
I tried to cry but i am tearless and i tried to scream but i am voiceless
Whence i knowest that this is the ending of thy beginnig.
My days art outnumbered because the fortunes of smile art gone
And the misfortunes of sadness hast arrived.
Cometh back home and fill the space in thy heart that your love forever reign.
why didn't thou take me with thee
To stand before thy true maker.
This wasn't our plan to be departed from each other because
Whence a cotton tree falls, even it branches and stems suffer.
For thy scripture says 'ash to ash, dust to dust'.
And from dust we came and so we shalt return.
I know you are at the right hand of the father
Till we meet again on that beautiful shore.
Sleep and take thou rest.
Thy three lettered words art 'rest in peace'.

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Mary Elizabeth Frye

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

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Wow! What a beautifully written poem, so loving and yet filled with the sadness of your loss. My heart goes out to you Amadu, may you find the peace needed to find your way alone, and may hope shine upon you once again. Your heart is a prayer in my soul from now on. Thank you for sharing your sorrow. RoseAnn