Gone By Years

Who is he that comes forth as
the morning raises
fear as the moon
bright as the sun
his loving hind and pleasant roe

I seek thy as silver,
and look for thy as for hid treasure
as a jewel of gold in a swine's snout,
So is thee which is without discretion.

For as lightning that comes from the east
is visible even in the west,
So will be the coming of thee.

His speech are seasoned with salt
His word are wrote upon the table of my heart
Following him is more precious than rubies
and all the things you desire are not
to be compared to him.

How can I now forget to be?
Affectionate and obedient to thee
who was so very kind to me?
If You can provide for all the birds
what more can I say?

by Michael Olakunle Adesanya

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