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Gone Fishing

My man and i decided to go fishing
SO we pondered upon our bait
We ruled out-this and that-worms slender or fat
finally deciding upon 'NightCrawler's' of fate

Why it works in a jiffy, yes it does
For today we have a bite
A tiny fish of liberty
Arrived before our very sight

We knew that it would work
As it ALWAYS has in the past
Just bait the line with what is needed
And a FRUITFUL line you will cast

By, Theodora Onken

March 4,2016

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Or maybe a Red Scion TC day! ! ! ! ! WE got ya, dude with the Dread Locks, we got you. Is Emily or Mike going to keep lying for you?
Almost 3 months to the day-give or take a day or two from when i wrote Gone Fishing-we got our first real bite from next door. Thank you God. Thank you everyone...This is a very real RED letter day.Or as Albert would put it-a RED Shirt day.